3D Printing

Cube Pro Bondtech

Our Cube Pro / Bondtech BMG-M / Slice Mosquito Magnum Retrofit
We weren't sure we could pull this off so we didn't have step by step documentation of the build process. This page will be updated soon with all the 3D models, wiring instructions and Marlin 2.1 configuration so that you can perform the mod yourself.

Gantry Modifications

First Attempt
Third Attempt
First Attempt: Original gantry. This solution was less than ideal since Bondtech Extruder doesn't fit between the original linear bearing blocks. We designed a spacer to go between the extruder and hot end.
Third Attempt: LM12UU bearings are mounted on half bearing blocks and secured with zip ties. One LM12UU in front and two at the back. The more compact design allows for a more powerful blower and a closer fitment for the BL Touch bed leveling sensor. This design also increased the total build space to 295mm x 280mm x 215mm from the stock 285mm x 270mm x 230mm. The slight loss of z height was caused by dropping the head between the rails.