Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

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Lightburn Software

This machine has been upgraded and no longer uses the outdated Retina Engrave software.
We have a Macbook running Lightburn beside the machine but if you prefer to have your own copy, Makerspace members can get up to 70% off.
Go to File - Import Prefs to load the latest Lightburn preferences. Always check this page to update your your software with the latest settings.
Lightburn Preferences

Starting the Laser

  • Use the power strip as the main power switch.
  • Chiller must be running laser equipment is on. Chiller water must be flowing through the laser tube.
  • Remove grate and clean up any debris from previous operation.
  • Check lenses and mirrors and make sure they are clean.
  • Check that exhaust fan is working.
  • Check that air pump is working.

Using the Laser

  • Make sure the item you want to cut and engrave is in the approved material list.
  • Lay material flat on the grate and use the focusing billet to set the correct distance between your work piece and the laser cone.
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