CNC Router

AVID Pro CNC with UGRA Spindle

Important - You Break It, You Fix it

  1. 1.
    Get the latest updates by reading this page before you use it. ALWAYS!
  2. 2.
    For best results, reboot computer before each job.
  3. 3.
    Do an Air Cut. Always test your toolpath first.
  4. 4.
    Shut down CNC controller and computer when the job is complete.
  5. 5.
    Clean up after you are done. Follow the rules to keep your CNC router privileges.


  • Bring your own router bits and end mills.
  • Use a spoil-board. Spoil-board should be larger than the piece you are cutting so that it can be adequately secured to the surface. There may be some spoil-boards under the CNC Router.
  • Bring your own lumber. There may be some scraps that are free to use and they will be marked accordingly:
    • Purple - Free to use by Members
    • Orange - Reserved for Makerspace Projects
    • Red - Reserved for Firestorm Robotics
  • Always clean up. The dust collector will not capture 100% of the sawdust. You need to vacuum the surface, under and around the machine and any part where sawdust has accumulated.
  • Leave no trace. Do not leave your scraps here unless it is big enough to be useful to others. Scraps should be trimmed square so the outline of your artwork is no longer visible. If our scrap area is full, then everything goes out with you.

Mach3 Controller

Router uses Mach3. Toolpaths generated by MasterCAM, VCarve Pro or any compatible CAM system can be used as long as they are configured properly.


1/2" T-tracks, spaced 12"x12" provides a lot of clamping flexibility. Since the tracks are only 1/4" from the surface, a separate spoil-board is required when using the router.

Auto Tool Zero